The idea for a covered market was formed Christmas 1982, prompted by the need for a Musician and an artist to earn a living without compromising their art.

Living in a hut by the sea and no money to speak of they visited their friendly bank manager who understood what a good idea it would be to turn the former Clacton Dairies milk bottling plant into a covered market. The virtually derelict building was in need of major repair so several months were taken up adapting the building for market traders.

Trading began on the forecourt in 1982 and the main market building opened in October. Since then the market has helped many people realise their dreams of opening their own business. Some traders have expanded and moved on and some have established and grown their businesses within the market. It has now settled into a unique place in Clacton to visit. The Market Café provides breakfasts and lunches and lovely homemade cakes.

Lesley and Martin pride themselves that they give people a chance with the low rents to build up their businesses and to become part of the market community.